First Aid Merit Badge
Summoning Help Moving Victims Non-Life Threatening Injuries
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NEVER move an injured person unless they are in immediate danger.
First Aid merit badge 6A: If a sick or injured person must be moved, tell how you would determine the best method.
First Aid merit badge 6B: With helpers under your supervision, improvise a stretcher and move an unconscious person.
First Class 8C. Show how to transport a person by yourself and with one helper: From a smoke-filled room and with a sprained ankle for at least 25 yards.
Techniques for moving a person depends on your surroundings and the person's consciousness.
Moving a Conscious Person
First Aid merit badge book, pages 41-48
A conscious victim can help by providing effort to move. The victim can also help by telling you when you are moving them too roughly.

If you are alone, the victim can stand and the room is clear of smoke, you can move them:

Moving an Unconscious Person
First Aid merit badge book, pages 41-48
If the victim cannot stand, is unconscious or the room is filled with smoke, you can move the victim:
Moving a Victim With a Helper
First Aid merit badge book, pages 41-48
Moving victims, conscious or unconscious, is much easier with a helper. You can:

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